Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1/25/11 2D Lecture

Today in Lecture Speaker Susan Moore talked about travel abroad opportunities in Rome and Tokyo.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Adventure Time with Julie and Jean!

On Saturday January 22nd I went on an adventure with my friend Jean. We headed for Reading Terminal Market first on the Subway. There we encountered a man hustling people in one of the cars. He had three yellow bottle caps and a red ball under one; he would mix them up and people would try to guess where the ball was. Two girls were also trying to ride in the space between cars, and were screaming loudly. Soon we got off at city hall trying to find Reading Terminal Market. We found it eventually and started looking at all the shops and stands. I bought a pomegranate from a produce stand, and sticks of different flavored honey candy from a store that made things from honey and beeswax. I tried Lorina blueberry-pomegranate premium french soda that was delicious, but extremely bubbly. After Reading Terminal Market, Jean and I decided to go to South Street. We got somewhat lost and stopped in what I thought was an interesting looking building that ended up being the Fairmount Park visitor center. Then we got back onto Broad Street and walked till we both became cold and had to stop in a Borders Bookstore to warm up. The top floor of Borders is really interesting with really big chandeliers. There was a man sitting on the floor making drawings using only highlighters, they looked interesting and I wish I could have asked him about them. After Borders Jean and I decided to take a train to South Street before we froze again. When we got onto South Street we met up with Jean's Boyfriend and went to the Antiquarian's Delight Antique store where I bought a small, old asian doll in an orange kimono. Next we tried to find Anastasia's Antiques but wound up going the wrong way and finding Philadelphia Aids Thrift. They had a lot of neat junk and were really funny and friendly. One of the employees was bringing in produce and I ended getting free oranges and a sample of mint chocolate soymilk along with two trinkets, one green heart with mirrors on it and an old chocolate tin. Later on we found Anastasia's Antiques when we went the opposite way. It was a really beautiful and interesting store, with old furniture, trinkets and doodads and whatnot. I bought a print of a creepy women, an old spoon, and a tiny dentist mirror that used to belong to someone named Gilbert apparently because it's etched on the back. After the Antique store we went to Johnny Rockets for dinner. It was my first time there; I really enjoyed the 50's theme. Plus they danced for us. That was awesome! I ate a chicken club, french fries, and lemonade. Nearing the end of the adventure we stopped at Naked Chocolate on wWalnut Street where I got a dessert called Harmony Mousse. It was really good! The night ended back at Jean's Dorm
where we watched the movie Chicken Run.